Ethiopia seizes medical supplies from Chinese smuggler

NEWS – A Chinese national is arrested in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for smuggling into Ethiopia medical supplies including face masks and distributing in the market.

The police has seized 10,000 face masks during search in the house of the Chinese national. Police in its weekly program on the state broadcaster ETV today stated that it is not clear how the Chinese national has managed to illegally import the goods or if the confiscated 10,000 face masks are safe and up to the standard.

Meanwhile, the report didn’t mention the name of the Chinese national engaged in illegal business. The police first seized 1,000 surgical masks in Addis Ababa around Arada Sub city around Africa Cafe and another 14,900 masks captured on truck being distributed in the city illegally. Then the police began investigation on the source of the medical supplies, which led to an Ethiopian woman and later to the Chinese national.

The report stated that after the police secured court order to search the house of the Chinese national, found in Yeka Sub city around Kotebe and has found additional 10,800 face masks in the house. Now the police is now finalizing the investigation to bring the Chinese national and others involved in the illegal business of medical supplies, according to the report, which urged the public to be cautious about the safety of such face masks before buying.