Ethiopia customs seized 64 million Birr illegal goods

The Custom Commission of Ethiopia said it has seized contraband goods worth 64.7 million Birr in a week from smugglers.

The goods are seized at different custom posts from individuals who tried to smuggle into the country and out of the country various kinds of merchandises. Out of the total 61.5 million goods are captured from illegal traders who tried to import the goods into the country without going through the legal procedures of the country, according to the information from Ethiopian Customs Commission, which has become the major revenue generator for the Ministry of Revenue of Ethiopia.

It is stated that the major custom posts where the incoming goods are seized include Moyale, Jigjiga, and Dire Dawa branches. Different clothes, electronics, cosmetics, firearms, and narcotics are captured from the smugglers coming into the country.

While coffee and khat / chat / mira (a stimulant plant, which is one of the major export items of Ethiopia) are among the items the traders tried to smuggle out of Ethiopia to the neighboring countries mainly Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya.

It is recalled that a week ago, Ethiopian Customs Commission has also announced seizing contraband goods worth 106 million Birr in one week.