Bomb attack injures 29 in Ethiopia demonstration

At a rally organized in Ambo town in Oromia Region of Ethiopia by the ruling coalition Prosperity Party on Sunday, 29 people were injured by bomb attack.

The demonstration was organized by the supporters of prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Prosperity Party. The the ruling coalition affiliate media- FBC – reported that the attack didn’t result in heavy injuries.

The report stated that 28 of the injured have returned back to their homes after getting medical treatment. It is reported that the remaining injured person is being treated at Ambo Hospital. No organization or group has taken responsibility so far for the bomb attack. Meanwhile six suspects are arrested according to the report, which quoted Ambo Town Police Commissioner Ararssa Merdassa. But the report didn’t mention the kind of bomb used or how it happened.

As Ethiopia approaches its general election scheduled to take place at the end of August 2020, different political parties are expected to launch their campaign in the coming months. Among the highly contested areas include the largest populated Oromia region, which has strong supporters for both the ruling coalition and the opposition.

It is recalled that last week, an armed gang in Burayu town of Oromia at the outskirt of the capital, Addis Ababa, has assassinated the administrator of the Town, who also was serving as police commissioner.