Addis Ababa Police captures 19,235 guns, 55,000 bullets

NEWS- The Addis Ababa Police Commission today said it has captured 19,235 guns and 55,361 bullets held illegally by arms traffickers.

In its report today Addis Ababa Police said the weapons captured in the last 11 months are seized along with arms traffickers who were illegally circulating them. The city’s police said it has finalized its investigation on the individuals found illegally circulating the arms and will be filing charges against them soon.

Among the guns captured include 91 Kalashnikov, 19,119 and other guns, according to the Police report. Over the past few years illegal arms trading and circulations of weapons has been a major challenge in Ethiopia. Most of the weapons are reportedly smuggled into the country through the borders of Ethiopia mainly with Sudan, Somalia and Kenya.