New coffee roasting company goes operational in Ethiopia

New coffee roasting company goes operational in Ethiopia


Melange, a new coffee roasting and packing company, officially inaugurates its coffee processing plant in the capital Addis Ababa around Megenagna area.

The opening of the modern coffee processing plant will enable Ethiopia to boost its income from the sector, according Solomon Kassa, the owner and managers of the company. Speaking on Thursday at the inauguration, he also indicated that the company is ready to contribute to the growth of coffee sector of the country. The owner and manager stresses that the company has created 40 permanent jobs.

Nevertheless, the company plans to expand its business by increasing the number of employees.
The factory produces 7,500, 52,500 and 210, 000 kilogram per day, week and month respectively. It is indicated that the products will be packed in 250, 500 and 1,000 grams and to be distributed for national and international coffee customers.

The company has imported new and modernized 2019 fabricated machinery from Turkey that helps the company to produce faster and quality products. mainly ‘Hot air’ to roast 720 kilo gram per time, ‘After burner’ to control air pollution and ‘Nitrogen gas’ to canning 1800 synchronized coffee per time.