Command post kills 23 insurgents in western Ethiopia

The command post in charge of Metekel zone in Benishangul Gumz region of Ethiopia has killed 23 insurgents, says Communication Office of the region.

The command Post of Metekel zone has killed 23 anti-peace elements, according to Benishangul Gumz communications office report. Quoting the head of the command post in the area, Colonel Ayalew Beyene, the report indicated that the 23 insurgents are killed in Dangur area at a locality known as, number 3.

The report stated that members of the national defense force, the federal police, and security forces of Benishangul Gumz region have taken the action against the 23 insurgents. Dangur area is one of the areas in Benishangul Gumz Region where recently dozens of innocent people mainly Amhara ethnic were killed by the armed group, which reportedly is associated with the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF).

Recently, the Benishangul Gumz region officials have been calling on the insurgents to surrender. Today’s news came a few days after President of Benishangul Gumz region Ashadli Hassen urged the insurgents to surrender.