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Fruit, vegetables, protein out of reach for Africans

Africa’s agri-food systems must be transformed to make healthy diets more affordable for Africans,

Why agriculture is promising investment in Ethiopia

BY ANDUALEM SISAY GESSESSE – As the saying goes, problem and shortage are opportunities for bus

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To diversify its existing agribusiness in Ethiopia, an Ethiopian – American company, ETHAMCO LL

Ethiopia export income increases by $721 million

The income of the Government of Ethiopia from export of commodities in the first ten months of its cu

Ethiopia export earnings increases 12 percent

NEWS- The export earnings of Ethiopia for the first ten months the current budget year started July 8

Export earnings of Ethiopia increases 10 percent

Commodity export earnings of Ethiopia during the first nine months of the current fiscal year of the

Ethiopia gets $1.12 billion from export in five months

The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Ethiopia said during the first five months of the budget year s

Ethiopia’s export income declines 9 percent

Continuing its decline Ethiopia’s export income for the first nine months of the fiscal year starte

Ethiopia export income drops 38%

Ethiopia earned export revenue of $1.21 billion in six months of the current Ethiopian fiscal year (J