Ethiopia export income increases by $721 million

The income of the Government of Ethiopia from export of commodities in the first ten months of its current budget year has increased by $721 million as compared to the same period the previous budget year.

Amid the outbreak of the global pandemic, the country has managed to boost its export earnings during the first ten months of the current budget year, which will be concluded July 7, 2020, according to the information from the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Ethiopia.

The country has secured a total of $2.4 billion from export of different commodities mainly agricultural items. The report of the Ministry shows that coffee, cereals, flower, meat, fruits, vegetables, oil seeds, leather, leather products, gold, textiles and garments have generated significant amount of hard currency to the country, which stated that the plan of the government for the period was to secure $3 billion from export of commodities.