Ethiopia export earning increases 13 percent


The export earnings of Ethiopia for the budget year concluded July 7, 2020, has increased by 13 percent to surpassing $3 billion from the previous year.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry stated that Ethiopia has secured $3.029 billion of which 77 percent is generated from agricultural commodities export. Income from export of coffee, flower, cereals, oil seeds, Khat (stimulus plant), fruits and vegetables have generated. The income of the country from meat and gold has also increased compared to the previous year.

State Minister for Trade and Industry, Misganu Arga said Ethiopia’s plan for the year was to secure $3.77 billion. Some 20 percent of the income is generated from export of manufactured goods and minerals. Over the past few years the annual export income of Ethiopia has been declining going down below $3 billion from about $3.6 ten years ago.