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State enterprises in Ethiopia generate $1.4 billion revenue

The state enterprises of Ethiopia have generated a total of about 59.8 billion Birr (close to $1,4 bi

Granite Construction gross profit up 166.1% year-over-year

Granite Construction Incorporated (NYSE: GVA) today announced results for the first quarter ended Mar

Mesqan, Mareqo clash hampers Butajira’s growth

The unresolved clash between Mesqan and Mareqo Weredas (districts) over territory has been negatively

Ethiopia – Addis International Bank profit grows 39 percent

Addis International Bank, one of the private financial institutions in Ethiopia, has made a gross pro

Ethiopia- Dashen Bank makes $40 million profit

Compared to the preceding budget year, the gross profit (before tax) of Dashen Bank, one of the bigge

Ethiopia – Lion Bank profit surges 45 percent

Compared to the preceding budget year performance, annual gross profit (before tax) of Lion Internati

Ethiopia – Oromia International Bank earnings per share drops 29%

Compared to the proceeding budget year, Earnings per share of Oromia International Bank (OIB), one of

Ethiopian Airlines generates $4.2 billion revenue

Ethiopia Airlines Group generates total revenue of 114.6 billion birr (about $4.2 billion) during the

Ethio Telcom makes $830 million profit

The only telecommunications service provider in Ethiopia, Ethio Telecom says it has made a total prof