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Ethiopia’s revolution: from creeping to real

By Melakou Tegegn (PhD)- It is essential to situate events that led to the creeping revolution when t

Amnesty urges Ethiopia to release journalists, opponents

Amnesty International today calls on the Government of Ethiopia to immediately release recently detai

Ethiopia – Government confirms abduction of 12 university student

The government Ethiopia today confirmed that 19 people are reported missing or abducted in Kelem Well

Ethiopia jails 75 Oromo Liberation Front supporters

Amnesty International said it has confirmed that at least 75 supporters of the Oromo Liberation Front

Armed men kill at least 16 people in Ethiopia

Heavily armed men wearing Ethiopian military uniform, kill at least 16 people over the weekend in Kem

Ethiopia to rehabilitate 1,000 Oromo Liberation Front soldiers

UPDATED: Over 1,000 soldiers of the armed Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) in Ethiopia brought in to gove

Ethiopia welcomes another OLF faction

A team of 22 members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), one of the many factions of the Front led b

Ethiopia charges five people for PM Abiy assassination attempt

The Federal Attorney General of Ethiopia files terrorism charges against five people involved in the

Ethiopia removes rebel groups from terrorist list

The Council of Ministers of Ethiopia on Saturday has decided to take out the names of Ginbot 7, Oromo