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Ethiopia suggests AU Bureau of Assembly meeting

Ethiopia says the way forward on the Great Ethiopian Rain naissance Dam (GERD) negotiations is to req

Ethiopia says tripartite negotiations on Nile dam continues

The tripartite negotiation between Ethiopia, Egypt, and the Sudan on the Guidelines and Rules for the

Ethiopia says “no miracle” stops its right to use Nile

BY ANDUALEM SISAY GESSESSE – Ethiopia will not give away its right by any miracle to use the wa

Ethiopia says negotiations on Nile dam continue

Describing Egypt’s Saturday statement as ‘regrettable’, the Ministry of Water, Irri

UN boss urges Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt to negotiation

Through his spokesperson, the Secretary-General of The United Nations Antonio Guterres on Tuesday urg

Ethiopia opposition criticizes U.S. statement on Nile dam

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (Ezema), the major opposition party in Ethiopia has criticized

Ethiopia refuses to participate in Nile negotiation

The Government of Ethiopia has said that it will not participate in the U.S. mediated negotiation wit

Ethiopia reactivates WTO accession negotiations

The government of Ethiopia said it has reactivated World Trade Organization (WTO) accession negotiati

Ethiopia, Egypt agree on mega dam water filling

The Government of Ethiopia finally reached agreement with the Government of Egypt to fill water the G