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Opportunities to boost sesame production in Ethiopia

By Elias G/Selasssie – Sesame is one of the major commercial grain crops agricultural products

Ethiopia declares end of confusion year, beginning of prosperity

Ethiopia, which uses the Julian Calendar, declares the end of confusion year 2011 and the beginning o

Ethiopia invites Israelis to invest in telecom, energy

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia invites Israeli investors to consider investment in his country

“Just do it … go and eat me, no excuses”

Melakou Tegegn, Kampala- Uganda– As a famous Amharic saying has it, “Aya jibo satamehagn bila

Will Ethiopia’s PM Abiy tame the Janjaweed?

Melakou Tegegn, Kampala– The Janjaweed is a militia force set up by Bashir in the late 1990s to

Avocado set to become Ethiopia’s major export

By Andualem Sisay Gessesse – A program launched by the Israeli and United States development ag

Israeli firefighters arrive to contain Ethiopia’s wildfire

The Government of Israel has sent to Ethiopia ten wildfire fighters to rescue the east African countr

Israeli company to export processed sesame from Ethiopia

KROTAJ, a joint venture company formed between an Israeli company named Genuine and Ethiopian Sesame