Ethiopia declares end of confusion year, beginning of prosperity

Ethiopia, which uses the Julian Calendar, declares the end of confusion year 2011 and the beginning of a prosperous new year 2012 on September 12.

Last year of Ethiopia 2011, which is described by Apostle Daniel Getachew of Living Hope Miracle Ministry as the year of confusion, has left the way for the year of prosperity where the country will get a stable and free government.

This world is governed by spirit good or bad. In the Bible number 11  represents confusion as witnessed among the 11 Disciples of Jesus Christ after the death of Judas Iscariot, said Apostle Daniel, whose Ministry runs dozens of churches across the country and in South Sudan and Uganda, among others. On the contrary number 12 represents the establishment of strong government and fulfilment, according to the prophetic message of Apostle Daniel, on the first day of 2012 aired on his Winners Way TV station.

Following coming to power of the reformist Prime Minister Abiy in April 2018, Ethiopia has been witnessing political turmoil from displacement of around 3 million people internally to killings of innocent people as a result of communal and tribal conflicts.

On the contrary, the country has also introduced many political and economic reforms, which are expected to democratize the east African country and liberalize its closed sectors such as, telecom, energy, transport and logistics sectors among others.

The recent visit of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to Israel also shows that Ethiopia is entering a new era as the Bible says, I will bless those who bless Israel, according Apostle Daniel, whose prophesies over the past years has been realized.

In his new year message on the eve of the new year, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the 2012 new year would be a significant juncture in order to determine not only a 10 years prosperity strategy but also pointed out the way of a 100 years’ right track that Ethiopia will enter. The Primier said that Ethiopia will exert utmost efforts in this Ethiopian New Year that would enable the nation to join the five African richest countries by 2030.