Ethiopia welcomes No More movement initiator Hermela

Ethiopia welcomes No More movement initiator Hermela

Hermela Aregawi, popular Ethiopian journalist based in the United States who initiated the global #NoMore movement has arrived Addis Ababa, Ethiopia today.

Over the past few months Hermela who is from Tigray ethnic group, has been popular for actively exposing the propaganda of Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) and the lies of Western media about the ongoing war in the northern part of Ethiopia.

She is among the Ethiopian in the diaspora who accepted the one million Ethiopian Diaspora Homecoming Challenge and invitation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia. The #NoMore movement Hermela and other friends of Ethiopia and Ethiopians have launched has now become popular across the globe.

Protests by thousands of Ethiopians in the diaspora and friends of Ethiopia including Eritreans, Somalis, other Black people in Africa and Latin America, among others, have taken place in different cities of the world over the past few months.

No more movement is now turned into no more to meddling of the United States and its Western allies in the internal affairs of sovereign countries like Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia. #NoMore movement is also being considered as a Pan African movement and a global protest, which says No More for all sorts of injustices by the wealthy and powerful nations against not so powerful countries and communities.

Upon arriving at Bole international airport in Addis Ababa Hermela is received by higher officials of Ethiopian Government and Olympic Gold medalist Haile Gebrselassie, among others.

While she becomes famous and loved by many Ethiopians for her fact reporting about the ear between TPLF and the Government of Ethiopia, Hermela and her mother have been facing threats from TPLF affiliates in the United States.

In one of her interviews, Hermela’s mother Professor Haregewoin Assefa indicated that the reason TPLF people hate them is because they refused to tell lies about Tigray genocide. Professor Haregewoin, who was teaching at Mekele University when the war broke out in November 2020 said, “I can’t talk about what I haven’t seen…that is why they hate us.”

As admitted by a TPLF official the ongoing war in Ethiopia is initiated by TPLF  massacring several thousands of Ethiopian troops based in Tigray military base at midnight of November 3, 2020.

TPLF, which has been on power in Ethiopia from May 1991 to April 2018, has lost its political and economic hegemony when the ruling coalition has elected new Abiy Ahmed to be the chairman after the former Prime Minister Hailemariam has resigned as a result of nationwide popular protests. The November 3, 2020 attack was aimed to return back to power deposing Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed from power.