Ministry calls for concerted efforts for sustainable regional growth

The Transport Minister of Ethiopia Dagmawit Moges called for concerted efforts among Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan to realize sustainable growth in the horn region.

Addressing participants of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport (LAPSSET) Project review meeting in Addis Ababa, Dagmawit stressed enhanced cooperation among Africans for the realization of sustainable social and economic growth in the continent.

African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development, Raila Odinga, to his part, noted that the Lapsset corridor has the potential to boost Africa’s regional social-economic integration through infrastructure development and trade.

The meeting aimed to formalize the Regional Framework Body proposed that will see the three countries operate and manage this Regional Infrastructure Project in a much more coordinated manner.

The 5 Billion USD LAPSSET project aims to build ports, railways and petroleum lines and create road and tourism development link between Ethiopia, Kenyan and South Sudan for mutual socio-economic benefit of the three countries.

Lamu Port which is underway at a cost of 480 Million USD is one of the sub-project included in the Mega LAPSSET project.

Transport Ministers and experts of the three countries and high officials of the African Union (AU) and members of the diplomatic community are attending the review meeting. June 28, 2021 (FBC)