FXT Token garnered an impressive 1,500% growth

FXT – a blockchain-based trading platform that aims to provide a secure, transparent, and seamless trading experience – has recorded magnificent 1,500% growth, thereby positioning itself as a promising project.

The remarkable growth in the number of FXT token holders is a testament to its potential. FXT has garnered over 14,200 token holders, witnessing a significant increase of 14,133% since its ICO launch in February.

FXT tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain and aim to serve as a digital currency for diverse payments and trading while enabling greater transparency, speed, and efficiency. They are the only tokens for the Forex Trading market, positioning themselves as a distinctive digital currency for a new financial ecosystem.

Today, when high volatility in the crypto market, especially the plummeting crypto price, is directing crypto holders to sell their assets, FXT has evolved as an ideal project to HODL and earn – owing to its potential and price.

At the time of writing, the FXT token was priced at USD 0.01217 and had a remarkable 24-hour trading volume of USD 9,669,939. With a low entry price, the FXT Token is charting an easy path for potential investors to tap into the crypto market.

FXT Token is listed on top crypto sites, such as CoinMarketCap, Bilaxy, Fatbtc, and ProBit Exchange, and can be easily bought in exchange for USD. It was listed as one of the top gainers by CoinMarketCap, which explains its popularity as an investment instrument.

FXT Token is scheduled to be listed on other popular exchanges in the future. This will contribute to its growing sale and eventually the price, thereby amplifying the profits of FXT token holders.

SOURCE: PRNewswire