Coca-Cola highlights Ethiopia’s investment potential in a new campaign

Coca-Cola highlights Ethiopia’s investment potential in a new campaign


With the aim of showing the immense investment and tourist attractions of Ethiopia, Going Big in Ethiopia a new video campaign is launched in Addis on Thursday.

The promotional documentary sponsored by Coca-Cola Company features key leaders including Olympic medalist and investor Haile Gebrselassie, heads of companies engaged in coffee, textiles and other industries, talking about the large scale of opportunities that the Ethiopian economy offers to global investors.

Speaking at the launching, “The goal of this project is to tell an exciting story of Ethiopia symbolizes the future of trade and investment in Africa through the eyes of key investors local and international, and key government partners,” said Bruno Pietracci is president of the Southern and East Africa business unit of The Coca-Cola Company, whose company sponsored the production.

“This is an exciting time for Ethiopia. Never before has this country been so uniquely positioned to become a leading center for trade and commerce in Africa. It has a young, ambitious and educated workforce. Admirable and resilient entrepreneurs and investors who work hard every day to build strong businesses that improve the lives of millions of people, and there’s no better measure of the excitement about Ethiopia than the partners that have come together here today,” he said.

The short compelling video narratives tells about Ethiopia highlighting rational and emotive considerations that investors make when choosing and investment opportunities.

“Ethiopia is greatly admired not just for its beauty, diversity or economic progress but also the fervent spirit of its people. It is extremely encouraging to see the improved economic growth projections over the last couple of years which is testament to all of the hard work that has been done,” said Phillipine Mtikitiki General Manager for East & Central Africa.

“Coca-Cola has been present in Ethiopia for 60 years and we are proud to be associated with its growth. We plan to invest further and have also set some ambitious targets and goals around empowering women and youth, water conservation and access and management of plastic waste. All this would not have been possible without the support of many of you in this room,” she said.

The 3 minutes and half video campaign is expected to be aired on various international tv stations including CNBC and Ethiopian Airlines is also considering it to show to its passengers. Last night at the panel a head of the launching of the promotional documentary, government officials from Ethiopian Investment Commission and Ethiopian tourism have also reflected on the opportunities Ethiopia offers for global investors and tourists.