Over half COVID-19 patients in Ethiopia recover

Out of the total 140 coronavirus (COVID-19) infected people found in Ethiopia, more than half (75) have recovered so far.

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia stated that out of the 1,758 total laboratory tests, it has found five new COVID-19 positive people during the last 24 hours. Out of the five new cases four are Ethiopian nationals , while the other is an Ethiopian with Sweden passport holder. All were in quarantine . This has increased the total number of confirmed cased in the country to 140, of which 60 are currently getting treatment. While three have died and two foreigners have returned to their country.

The daily coronavirus update of the Ministry indicated that so far no patient is found in intensive care unit (ICU). The first confirmed case was reported in Ethiopia about two months ago. The number of COVID-19 positive people in the country has been increasing since then though sometimes the Ministry reports zero COVID-19 case.

Globally coronavirus has infected over 3.5 million people and killed more than 247,000 people of which over 65,000 are in the United Sates. Italy follows the United Sates registering over 28,000 deaths. Spain, France and the United Kingdom have also lost reported over 20,000 deaths, each.

In Africa the pandemic has not been deadly as it is in Europe, the United States, China and some other Asian countries. By May 3,2020 a total of 1,761 deaths, 14,343 recoveries and over 43,000 confirmed cases are reported in Africa, according to Africa Center for Disease Control (Africa CDC).