Ethiopia reports one additional coronavirus patient


The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia today announced that it has found one more coronavirus (COVID-19) patient.

Now the total number of people who acquired coronavirus in Ethiopia are 12 . The latest addition to COVID-19 patients list in Ethiopia is a 34 years old Ethiopian national who arrived from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, according to the statement from the Ministry.

He (the patient) is taken to a hospital three days after his arrival. The hospital he visited in Addis Ababa then refereed his case to the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, which later confirmed that the individual is has coronavirus pandemic, according to the statement.

It is indicated that some 15 individuals who had contact with the latest corona pandemic patient in Ethiopia are being inspected by the Ministry to check if thy are free from the virus. After the first case was confirmed in the country a few weeks ago, the Government of Ethiopia has been taking different measures to slow the spread of the pandemic.

Among the actions taken by the government includes suspending flights of Ethiopian Airlines to 30 destinations and closing land borders with the neighboring countries, among others. Currently the pandemic virus is spotted in most of African countries, including neighbors of Ethiopia, such as Eritrea, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan and Uganda.