Ethiopia COVID-19 positive number increases to 65

The total number of coronavirus (COVID-19) positive people increases to 65 as the country reported 9 new cases this morning after conducting laboratory test for 442 suspected people in the last 24 hours. Latest statement of the Ministry of Health also shows that one additional patient has died increasing the total number of people died in Ethiopia by coronavirus three.

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia stated that out of the new nine COVID-19 positive individuals one if an Indian, while the remaining are all Ethiopian nationals with international travel history. So far two Ethiopian nationals infected by the pandemic are died in Ethiopia, while four have recovered so far.

So far Ethiopia has conducted laboratory test for a total of 3,232 people. As the number of people infected by the virus increase, the Ethiopian Parliament today approved the state of emergency declared by the council of Ministers two days ago. Compared to Europe and the United States, African continent are the least affected by coronavirus so far losing less than 700 lives so far with total infection of about 10,000 people.

Globally over 1.6 million are infected by the global pandemic so far with over 96,780 lives. Italy and the United Sates have already lost over 16,000 lives each so far. While Spain and France have also lost over 10,000 lives. In Africa Algeria is the top country losing around 200 lives followed by Egypt with around 100 death reports from coronavirus, according to World Health Organization (WHO) latest statistics.