China donates face masks to Gabon, Ghana, Congo

With a the aim of helping African countries combat the coronavirus pandemic, Chinese giant online trading company Alibaba Foundation and its founder, Jack Ma foundation have donated medical supplies this morning to Gabon, Ghana, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The shipment is distributed to the countries this morning by Ethiopian Airlines, according to the twits of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia. “This morning Gabon, Ghana, Congo and the DRC have received their COVID19 prevention materials.The 2nd shipment of supplies from Jack Ma and Alibaba Group containing 540,000 medical grade masks and 20,000 protective clothes is on its way to Ethiopia. Dispatch to Africa will continue,” he twitted.

Somalia and Tanzania have also got similar medical supplies yesterday afternoon, while in the morning Ethiopian Airlines has also supplied the donations from China to South Africa, Burundi, Rwanda, Togo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria and South Sudan.”Together and with the right measures we can and we will reverse the adverse effects of this virus on our communities,” PM Abiy twitted.

The medical supplies being distributed to African countries are part of the 1.1 million COVID-19 testing kits, 6 million face masks donated by the Chinese firms to African countries this week to be distributed by Ethiopian Airlines for all African countries. Initially, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Egypt and Sudan have received their shares.

It is stated that the World health Organization (WHO) is working with the World Bank to develop demand modeling from a country-based perspective. “This will allow the sharing and support of technical guidance and allocation mechanisms and ensure that critical supplies are distributed with most impact,” WHO said.

Currently there are about 1,305 COVID-19 patients in African countries, while the number of people died of the pandemic is close to 30. Globally 375,498 COVID-19 cases in 196 Countries, areas or territories is confirmed with a total of 16,362 confirmed deaths by coronavirus pandemic, according to WHO’s latest report.