50 recover from COVID-19 in Ethiopia

50 recover from COVID-19 in Ethiopia

The number of people recovered from coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Ethiopia has increased to 50, said, Ministry of health.

Including two COVID-19 positive people identified over the past 24 hours, the total number of confirmed cases has increased to 126 people. Out of these 71 are being treated while three have died and two foreigners returned to their country.

Out of 1,080 coronavirus laboratory tests conducted in Ethiopia over the last 24 hours two British nationals were found positive, according to the information from the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. It is stated that one is a 50 years old the other is a four years old child. Both were in quarantine in Addis Ababa after coming from England recently.

In Africa the highest death from COVID-19 is registered in Algeria, which lost 432 lives so far followed by 337 deaths in Egypt and Morocco with 162 deaths. South Africa has also lost 90 lives by the pandemic, followed by Cameroon and Burkina Faso with loss of 58 and 42 lives, respectively.

The global pandemic has so far claimed liver of over 211,000 people since its outbreak from Wuhan city of China last December.Globally it has infected over 3 million people across the world of which over 800,000 have recovered. The top five countries highly impacted by coronavirus are, the United States with over 53,000 deaths, Italy with close to 27,000 deaths, Spain with over 23,500 deaths, France with close to 23,300 deaths and the United Kingdom with over 21, 000 deaths.