Ethiopia invites diaspora to invest in Gorgora ecolodge

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia invited the Ethiopian diaspora to invest in an ecolodge rooms being developed by the Government at the new tourist site Gorgora area in Amhara region.

Speaking on Sunday evening at a fundraising dinner organized to welcome the Ethiopian diaspora came for Ethiopian Christmas (Genna Holiday), PM Abiy invited the diaspora community to consider buying rooms being built at Gorgora tourist site.

Indicating that currently a resort with 50 to 60 rooms is being built at Gorgora, Abiy invited to buy a room, which they can rent for guests and also use for their vacation. Prime Minister Abiy indicated his government’s plan to introduce the time-sharing concept of selling each room at the ecolodge of Gorgora – where one can use 10 to 15 days of the year to stay at the room and rent the remaining days of the year to guests to make revenue.

“In relation to development, I heard that you have been participating in different projects. There are projects you haven’t seen yet for example Gorgora. When you come next time, Gorgora project will full be operational,” Abiy said.

“When you see it (Gorgora), more than becoming happy you will be disappointed by asking why we haven’t been able to utilize such resource so far…To speak the truth if you go to Seychelles, Switzerland and many countries, you will find everything at Gorgora, which many people travel to see by spending so much money,” he said, listing the mountain, water, forest, unique topography and the finest weather of Gorgora area.

Stating that the Ethiopians in the diaspora don’t need an investment from scratch at Gorgora. Abiy invited them to buy the villas (rooms), which are part of the resort designed and being built by the Government at Gorgora.

Being developed between the historic town of Gondar and Lake Tana area, the upcoming Gorgora high-end natural tourist attraction site is expected to be completed in the coming September, according to Abiy Ahmed. Gorgora is one of the three natural attraction sites being developed by the Government of Ethiopia targeting tourists.

Gorgora, Wenchi in Oromia region, and Koysha in Southern region, are selected to be developed as top natural tourist destinations in Ethiopia under the Gebeta Lehager project launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in 2020.

Gebeta Leghhager came into effect after the successful completion of Gebeta Lesheger projects including Sheger Park, which created new tourist attractions in Addis Ababa (Sheger) around the palace and Entoto mountain area.

In order to fund the development of the three new tourist destinations, the Government has been engaged in fundraising from both the private sector and public institutions, among others.

In addition to the rooms, Gorgora natural tourist site will have various sports and entertainment facilities including amphitheater on some 75 hectares of land. In addition, lake view areas with cultural and greenery areas also cover over 100 hectares of land.

Furthermore, agriculture development tourism site involving aquarium, traditional medicines and spices development centers at Gorgora are also being developed on 160 hectares of land. Other infrastructures including artifact shops, roads and the like are also being built on 31 hectares of land at Gorgora, which used to be known as port town some 400 years ago.