Ethiopia police caught criminals in police uniform

The federal police of Ethiopia has arrested individuals in Addis Ababa who were committing crimes wearing police uniform. The phenomenon is very unusual in the history of Ethiopian police.

Two of these criminals were arrested in Bole sub city Karamara area in Addis Ababa, according to the federal police head Commissioner General Endeshaw Tasew, who indicated that such crimes have also been recorded in other parts of the country.

“We have identified the areas where such crimes have been committed. For instance, two crimes with the people in police uniform have been committed in Addis Ababa Bole area. We captured these individuals and investigating them. We will make public our finding when we complete the investigation,” he said.

The Commissioner also indicated that organized criminals in police uniforms are also arrested. When the police investigated it is found that none of the criminals were police officers, except using the uniform, according to Commissioner Edeshaw, who indicated that the investigation team will go as far as it takes to find out the source of the police uniforms and the group behind such a new trend in Ethiopia – criminals in police uniform.

4378 Kalashnikov bullets captured
In another development, the police have captured 4378 Kalashnikov bullets in the eastern part of Ethiopia. Three individuals who were transporting the bullets with a Makarov pistol in a Toyota Corolla car are arrested, according to the Assistant Inspector Tekachew Mekonnen, who spoke with a federal police TV program reporter.