ROCKSTONE Real Estate wins Africa sustainable residential development award

ROCKSTONE Real Estate, prime German real estate developer currently building KEFITA high-rise in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, wins “Best of Africa” award as “Best Sustainable Residential Development” in 2021 for its KEFITA high-rise.

The International Property Awards nominated and awarded KEFITA as “Best Sustainable Residential Development in 2021 in Africa” recognizing “the excellence and meticulous work performed by ROCKSTONE to combine local heritage and an avant-garde design, considering the prime location and its surroundings to allow an environmentally conscious design and using low- impact materials in the construction as well as including innovative energy- and waste-efficient systems”.

This is indicated by the UK based International Property Awards in London. Rockstone is the first building ever for Ethiopia to win “Best in Africa” regional category, according to the press statement from ROCKSTONE.

The UK based International Property Awards announced the winner at an event held in London on the 25th of February, 2022. The award makes KEFITA the first building in Ethiopia to make to win “Best in Africa” regional category. Earlier in October, KEFITA had already been awarded the five-star nation-wide ‘Best High-Rise Residential Development’ and ‘Best Sustainable Residential Development’ categories for Ethiopia in 2021, according to the press statement from ROCKSTONE.

“Rockstone is on track both in construction and sales to complete Kefita in 2023. A best-in-class example for a residential development balancing western standards with Ethiopian authenticity catering to serve the needs of discerning international and local residents,” the statement said.

It is stated that in addition to housing 105 apartments and 151 parking, the building features an amenities floor fully dedicated to entertainment and recreational facilities, embodying the main living hub of KEFITA exclusively for its residents and their guests.

KEFITA is located around the Signal area in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The residential building is located in proximity to the beautiful and green Mount Yeka (North-East), the Bole International Airport (South-East) and Addis Central Business District (South-West), all within 15-20min driving distance.

The building under construction is easily recognizable coming off Embassy Row, home to embassies such as Great Britain, Belgium, Russia and Kenya, through its characteristic façade which is inspired by Ethiopian fabrics and will reach 70m height. In January 2021, a ceremony commemorated the signing of a 1+ billion Ethiopian Birr contract signing with the general contractor.

Subsequently, in April 2021, the construction started after the customary mobilization phase. Meanwhile, the construction and its sales are on track to be completed in 2023, the building is currently reaching the 6th floor with a height of 20+m.

“From the very beginning, our entire design process has been driven towards green-conscious living. We integrated specific measures that include using local materials as much as possible, minimizing electricity consumption, collecting rainwater and managing waste. We are the first Ethiopian residential building in the process of obtaining the green building certification EDGE. KEFITA stands for the future of Addis Ababa. We are honored and delighted that KEFITA was awarded this title which will encourage us to remain committed in our effort for shaping a green Addis,” said Mr Dietrich E. Rogge, CEO & Founder of ROCKSTONE.

ROCKSTONE Real Estate is a German-based full-service real estate developer and investment manager with offices in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Kenya and Ethiopia. Rockstone has carefully chosen Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) as its first African office, due to the international importance of the city and the country for Africa and the world.

The local office foremost focuses on high-end residential and commercial real estate projects, with a typical project size of $25-75 million, in prime CBD or residential areas, providing professional services, modern designs and sustainable construction qualities.

Currently developing projects worth $650+ million, Rockstone Real Estate combines real estate know-how, own principal capital and active real estate management. About The International Property Awards

The International Property Awards is one of the world’s most renowned real estate awards where top country winners vie to be recognized as ‘Best in World’. It celebrates the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry.