Ethiopia concertante asphalt road network doubles, says Abiy

Addressing the members of parliament this morning prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia said concreate asphalt network of his country has almost doubled after the reform that brough him to power in April 2018.

Before the reform to the total length of concreate asphalt built by the Ethiopian roads Authority was 13,000 kilometers, while after the reform the Authority has completed construction of 4,700 kilometers roads and currently finalizing additional 8,113 kilometers of asphalt roads, according to Prime Minister Abiy.

He also said that In addition, budget is approved for additional 9,102 kilometers of concreate asphalt roads though the actual work has faced challenges due to security related issues.
The total road network in Ethiopia including gravel roads has increased to 165,00 kilometers after the reform from 127,000 kilometers, according to Prime Minister Abiy.

In the case of the capital Addis Ababa 151 kilometers of asphalt roads, 470 kilometers of cobblestones, and 116 kilometers of walkways are built over the past four years, according Abiy, who the stressed the success of his administration’s reform.

In relation to the major state enterprises, Abiy said that the annual revenue of Ethiopian Airlines has increased to $4.8 billion from $3.3 billion before the reform.
Its international destinations have also increased to 127 destinations from 115 before the reform, while its total number of aircrafts has also increased by 35 percent to 135, according to Abiy.

He also stated that the other state enterprise, Ethio Telecom annual revenue has also increased its annual revenue to 55 billion Birr after the reform from 33.5 billion birr before the reform.