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Qatar provides $18 million to Ethiopia kidney center

The Government of Qatar has signed agreement with the Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia to provide $18

Qatar bank to explore business opportunities in Ethiopia

Qatar With the aim of exploring business opportunities, Development Bank (QDB), a development institu

Saudi provides $140 million loan to Ethiopia

The Government of Saudi Arabia has provided $140 million soft loan to the Government of Ethiopia supp

IMF to provide seven-fold finance to Ethiopia

Supporting Ethiopia’s home–grown economic reform, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has agree

Who rescue Sudan from foreign powers proxy war

UPDATED_By Andualem Sisay Gessesse _ This week the military has overthrown one of the long standing P

Eritrea accuses Turkey, Qatar of supporting opposition

The Government of Eritrea accused the government of Turkey and Qatar for supporting an opposition cal

Police brought back 185 human traffic victims

Federal police of Ethiopia has brought back 185 human traffic victims, who were trying to travel to t

Ethiopia appoints new ambassadors to 17 countries

As part of its political reform, the Government of Ethiopia has appointed new ambassadors to 17 count

Aviation Security Week discusses responses to terrorist mobility, emerging threats

The security of global air transport operations took an important step forward this week, with a seri