Ethiopia appoints new ambassadors to 17 countries

As part of its political reform, the Government of Ethiopia has appointed new ambassadors to 17 countries, including The Hague, the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates.

The decision is part of the ongoing political and economic reform of Ethiopia launched by the reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and restructuring of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The appointees list includes both new faces, who are not member of the ruling party, and those already served as ambassador before. Among the appointees includes, the former spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Meles Alem who now became Ambassador of Ethiopia to Kenya. \

The appointment also includes new Ambassador to The Hague, where some of those who are now the run after the government accused them of involving in crimes against humanity over the past 27 years in Ethiopia, are likely to face charges.

The following individuals are appointed to serve as the new ambassadors of Ethiopia in different countries:
– Mr. Million Samuel, Ambassador The Hague, The Netherlands
– Mr. Meles Alem, Ambassador to Nairobi, Kenya
– Mr. Fitsum Arega, Ambassador to Washington D.C., United States of America
– Mr. Teshome Toga, Ambassador to Beijing, China
– Mr. Seleyman Dedeffo, Ambassador to Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates
– Mulu Solomon, Ambassador to Berlin, Germany
– Mr. Abdulaziz Mohammed, Ambassador to Djibouti
– NassiseChalie, Ambassador to Ottawa, Canada
– Mr. Hassen Taju, Ambassador to Dakar, Senegal
– Mr. Reta Alemu, Ambassador to Tel Aviv, Israel
– Mr. Henok Tefera, Ambassador to Paris, France
– Alemtsehay Meseret, Ambassador to Kampala, Uganda
– Tizita Mulugeta (PhD), Ambassador to New Delhi, India
– Mr. Teffera Tadesse, Ambassador to Juba, South Sudan
– Addisu Gebre-Egziyabher (PhD), Ambassador to Harare, Zimbabwe
– Ayrorat Mohammed (PhD), Muscat, Oman
– Samiya Zekeria, Doha, Qatar
In addition the country has also appointed Ambassador Tesfaye Yilma as Permanent Representative to the African Union and Ambassador Berhane Fiseha as Deputy Permanent Representatives to the AU in Addis Ababa.