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Despite a massive increase in migrants sending money home via digital transfers due to the COVID-19 p

Half a billion Africans falling below extreme poverty line in 2021

African growth trajectories and the impact of COVID19 are currently shedding doubts on countries’ a

Ethiopia economy declines 11 percent by COVID-19

The economy of Ethiopia will shrink between 5.6 to 11 percent as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) p

Over 83% of Ethiopians suffer from multidimensional poverty

A report launched today by the United Nations Development Organization (UNDP) listed Ethiopia among t

Africans exploitation continues by design

Poverty in Africa and exploitation of Africans labor and natural resources has continued to this day

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launches report on global poverty

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today launched its second annual Goalkeepers Data Report, poi