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Who contains Ethiopia’s change under siege?

By AREGU B. WONDIMUNEH – Change has been a buzzword that reverberated in the ears of most citiz

Ethiopia: From TPLF frying pan into Ethno-anarchy fire?

Part one – By Tesfu Telahoun Abebe – About 10 months ago-July 11, 2018 to be precise-I pe

Five Ethiopian opposition parties set to merge

Preparing for the upcoming May 2020 enational election of Ethiopia five opposition political parties

Ethiopian former rebels going to the bush again?

By Andualem Sisay Gessesse – Last week Mekelle University, which is found in the northern part

Putin is secretly making intelligent agents

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Die mitte got new law enforced by politicians

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Amnesty urges Rwanda to drop charges against a would-be presidential candidate

The expression-related charges against a would-be presidential candidate and her mother must be dropp

What to expect from Ethiopia’s ruling party upcoming assembly

By Andualem Sisay Gessesse –  The Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democracy Front (EPRDF),

Rethinking the Ethiopian Transition: Identifying the sticky issues and prospects for reform

Seid Hassan, Abu Girma, and Minga Negash – “Torturing, putting people in dark rooms, mutilati