The man in the Iron Mask

By Endale Assefa [OPINION]Unless you wanted to stay oblivion to the veracity on the ground, the national fiasco resulting from the tyranny of the TPLFites (Tigray Peoples Liberation Front) has been vivid like a white elephant in the street. The reign did dwindle the national economy and frustrated the gain-loss trend of the economic portfolio.

People sometimes dare to argue otherwise; only because they are either too young to notice it; or compare with the previous government or the modest government one can picture in his mind.

I used to think that nothing good comes from the four major parties of EPRDF (Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front); until Abiy came to our view just to prove me wrong.

“Is there anything coming from Nazareth?”, people of the first century Jews asked the same question; and the coming of Jesus proved them wrong. History repeated itself once again.

At the climax of EPRDF’s aristocratic political reign; which was so much corrupted, spoiled and in the brink of collapse following Oromo and Amhara resistance, the vigilant leader came to power replacing the so called ‘pseudo-premier’- Hailemariam Desalegn.

Within months, he grabbed public attention. Where has he been all these days? Was he really part of that party we have been sick and tired of; despised so much? How come he preaches peace, hope and most of all unity? These words were long forgotten from the country in the last 27 years. So where was he all these years?

I tried to contemplate this question over and over and the only likely answer I got was that he should have been locked somewhere with his face concealed in the iron mask.

So, we should not let the famous hyenas lock him once again and put that Iron mask on his face. Will you let that? I will die for him, and I mean it.