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Flooding displaces 200,000 people in Somali of Ethiopia

The number of people affected by the recent flooding in Somali Region of Ethiopia has exceeded over 3

Flooding affects 580,000 people in Ethiopia

Over half a million people in Ethiopia are affected by flooding that occurred over the last few weeks

Khartoum flooding – a lesson to Sudanese, Egyptian politicians

BY ANDUALEM SISAY GESSESSE – I heard the shocking news over this weekend about the flash floodi

Flood displaces over 50,000 in Ethiopia

Some 50,000 people in Southern Ethiopia are displaced by flash flooding that followed a heavy rain.

Extreme weather displaces 273,000 Somalis

More than 273,000 people have been left displaced due to severe flooding across Somalia as more extre

Flooding kills two people in Ethiopia

BY ELIZABETH EQUBAY – Flooding around Libo Kemkem area of Amhara region of Ethiopia today kills

Flooding leads to death of 6 people in Ethiopia

Last night heavy rain, which caused flooding, has led to the death of six people in Silte zone of Eth

Ethiopia, South Sudan at risk of flooding

BY GETU TEMESGEN – There is likely to be more rainfall in Ethiopia and South Sudan, which has t