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Ethiopia, Djibouti advised to co-manage Djibouti Port operations

The Governments of Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Djibouti are advised to co-manage Djibouti Port operat

Ethiopia seizes 18,000 Turkish pistols from traffickers

The Government of Ethiopia said it has seized two containers of weapons including over 18,000 Turkish

Ethiopia reveals more info on petroleum test production

The Government of Ethiopia reveals additional information on the recent petroleum test production in

Ethiopia purchases 1.3 million metric tons fertilizer

In preparation for the upcoming Meher agriculture season (from June to August), the government of Eth

Djibouti, DP World controversy continues

As the controversy between the government of Djibouti and DP World continues, the latter vows to cont

Ethiopia PM visits Assab, Massawa ports of Eritrea

After concluding the Beijing Africa-China Summit, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia directly flew