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Ethiopia gives coal mining to unemployed youth

The Oromia Region of Ethiopia has given coal mining site to 500 unemployed youth to mine coal and sup

Addis Ababa creates over 205,400 jobs

Addis Ababa Job Creation and Enterprise Development Bureau said it has created job opportunities for

How continental free trade benefits Africans

BY ANDUALEM SISAY GESSESSE – Experts and senior government officials FROM EASTERN African count

IBA Ethiopia to facilitate creation of 100,000 jobs

A private business incubator in collaboration with government agencies is set to link 150 African inn

Why Ethiopians migrate to Addis Ababa? Policy recommendation

By Andualem Sisay Gessesse – In my view one of the main reasons why Addis Ababa is overcrowded

Ethiopia’s Oromia to create jobs for half a million youth

The Oromia Region of Ethiopia said it has invested 3.5 billion birr (close to $123 million) to create

Mekele to provide jobs for 23,000 youth

Mekele, the Capital of Tigray Region of Ethiopia provides land for investors who are set to create jo