Ethiopia’s Oromia to create jobs for half a million youth

The Oromia Region of Ethiopia said it has invested 3.5 billion birr (close to $123 million) to create job opportunities for half a million youth.

This is announced by the newly appointed Acting President (Deputy) of Oromia Regional Government, Shimelis Abdissa, on Wednesday, at the opening of conference of Oromia Enterprises and Industries Development Council. The conference has gathered over 700 participants from across Oromia and representatives of both private and public financial institutions. He stated that addressing unemployment problem of the youth is not a choice for the government, but mandatory.

He stated that the political reform the country has embarked on will be meaningless unless supported by economic development. He stated that the Oromia Region has plan to create jobs for half a million youth. The sectors identified as potential job creation areas by the Oromia Regional state are agriculture, animal husbandry, mining and environmental protection, according to the ruling party owned media, FBC, report.

Over 10,000 different equipment such as motor pumps and other machineries are purchased by the Oromia Regional state and ready to be distributed for the youth. The instability in the country has been contributing to the growing youth unemployment in Ethiopia, according to Mr. Shimelis. To address the problem, he stressed the need to mobilize all resources and help the youth create jobs.