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Nib Bank profit increases by 381 million Birr

Compared with the previous year’s performance, gross profit of Nib International Bank, one of the 1

Debub Global Bank profit up 33 percent

Annual Profit of Debub Global Bank of Ethiopia for the budget year concluded June 30, 2020 has increa

Ethiopia’s private banks profit exceeds state giant CBE

The profit of all the 16 private banks in Ethiopia for the first time exceed the profit of the state

Ethiopia to sell 40 percent of Ethio Telecom

By retaining 60 percent, the Government of Ethiopia is set to sell 40% of Ethio Telecom ending the st

Awash Bank of Ethiopia grows profit by $43.4 million

Compared to the previous budget year annual gross profit of Awash Bank for the year ended June 30, 20

Ethiopia _ Cooperative Bank of Oromia profit up by $21 million

Compared to the previous year the net profit of Cooperative Bank of Oromia (CBO), one of the private

Wegagen Bank of Ethiopia profit drops by $10 million

The annual gross profit (before tax) of Wegagen Bank of Ethiopia for the budget year ended June 30, 2

Berhan Bank of Ethiopia profit up 41 percent

During budget year concluded June 30, 20219, Berhan Bank, one of the private banks in Ethiopia, has r

Berhan Insurance of Ethiopia profit increases 24%

Gross profit (before tax) of Berhan Insurance, the sister company of Berhan Bank, has increased by 24