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Ethiopia gives 72 hours for TPLF junta to surrender

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia also commander in chief of Ethiopian Army has given 72 hours fo

Ethiopian police seizes 10 illegal Kalashnikov guns

Ethiopian police seized 10 illegal Kalashnikov guns with many bullets from smugglers around Guraferda

Ethiopia reveals more info on petroleum test production

The Government of Ethiopia reveals additional information on the recent petroleum test production in

Education Can’t Wait invests in Ethiopia refugees’ school

Education Can’t Wait (ECW), a global fund dedicated to education in emergencies, invests in the con

Ethiopia launches 12 small-scale solar energy projects

The Government of Ethiopia has awarded 12 small-scale solar energy development projects to three Chin

UN agency suspends operations in western Ethiopia

The United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has said it has suspended its operations in

Ethiopia seizes weapon smugglers with 105 Kalashnikov guns

Ethiopian Police today seized four weapon smugglers with 105 Russian-made Kalashnikov guns in Burayu

Over eight million Ethiopians need emergency aid

The government of Ethiopia appeals to the international donors to help 8.3 million Ethiopians who nee

Ethiopia to turn least developed regions into economic engines

Ethiopian government is set to turn the least developed regions of the country into centers of econom