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Ethiopia secures half a billion dollar to enhance safety net

The World Bank and the Government of Ethiopia inked this morning a $512.5 million loan and grant agre

Ethiopia to help vandalized investments recovery

The Government of Ethiopia is preparing a recovery package that will help businesses vandalized by mo

Ethiopia distributes 96 billion Birr new currency notes

The National Bank of Ethiopia said it has distributed over 96 billion Birr (about $2.6 billion) value

Ethiopia suspends Ethiopian Airlines privatization

The Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia said it has suspended the partial privatization of the fully stat

Ethiopia secures $4 billion project financing from abroad

The Government of Ethiopia has obtained close to 142.3 billion birr (about $3.95 billion) external fi

Ethiopia increases budget by 7 percent

NEWS – The Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia today presented a draft national budget of 476 billi

Ethiopia injects $98 million into hospitality industry

The Government of Ethiopia has provided 3.3 billion birr (about $98 million at current exchange rate)

IMF to provide seven-fold finance to Ethiopia

Supporting Ethiopia’s home–grown economic reform, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has agree

Ethiopia’s debt surpasses $52 billion

Ethiopian government total debt from foreign and local lenders surpasses $52.3 billion, the Ministry