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Dashen Bank of Ethiopia introduces new electronic remittance transfer

Dashen Bank, one of the biggest private banks in Ethiopia of Ethiopia, partnered with Flutterwave, Af

Dashen Bank profits about 1.8 billion Birr

Dashen Bank Share Company, one of the 16 private banks operating in Ethiopia, has reported annual gro

Ethiopia- Dashen Bank makes $40 million profit

Compared to the preceding budget year, the gross profit (before tax) of Dashen Bank, one of the bigge

Ethiopia banks capital hikes 8%

The total capital of bank in Ethiopia has increased by around 8% to 85.7 billion birr (around $3.1 bi

Dashen Bank launches new Ethiopian Digital Wallet

Dashen Bank, the leading private digital bank in Ethiopia, and its technology partner, Moneta Technol

Ethiopian banks’ revenue grew to 24 percent

The total profit of commercial banks in Ethiopia, grew by 24 percent this year as compared to the sim

Banking business in Ethiopia booming 

Despite the global financial crises, banking business in Ethiopia is booming. Four new banks are curr