Bloomberg tax leadership forum provides insights on domestic, global taxation

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting today announced that its Bloomberg Tax Leadership Forum, Navigating Through Constant Change, will take place virtually June 16-17.

This two-day event for corporate tax leaders and their advisors examines developments happening across international and U.S. federal taxation.

The agenda focuses on ways in which senior tax professionals need to tailor their tax strategies for multinational corporations in light of potential impacts of current domestic policy proposals and imminent international policy changes. The Biden Administration has put forth a number of proposals, including the Build Back Better program, the American Jobs Plan, the Made in America Tax Plan, and the American Families Plan, while the OECD is pushing forward international tax policy changes to create a global minimum tax and is actively negotiating a framework to tackle the challenges of taxing the digital economy.

he event’s first day kicks off with a fireside chat with Fabrizia Lapecorella, Director General of Finance at Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance, discussing progress in the international negotiations on taxing the digital economy. This is followed by a panel discussion on insights from OECD negotiations around Pillar 1 and 2 and details of already implemented digital services taxes. Next is a fireside chat with Nikole Flax, IRS Commissioner of LB&I, speaking on audit and compliance issues. This is followed by a panel examining lingering questions about Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provisions regarding foreign income and recent proposals from the Biden Administration.

The second day of the event features a fireside chat with Jared Bernstein, member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. This is followed by a panel discussion on navigating through short- and long-term tax changes, including the pandemic-related economic and stimulus measures as well as long-term, extensive revisions to the Internal Revenue Code that the Biden Administration has outlined.

Each day of the event offers the opportunity to keep the discussion going in informal, moderated networking breakout rooms or to learn more about Bloomberg Tax & Accounting via personalized demo.

“With a new administration, U.S. policy proposals and international agreements are poised to have an enormous impact on multinational companies, and with crucial provisions on the negotiation table, senior tax professionals must plan and adjust their strategies for a variety of outcomes,” said Lisa Fitzpatrick, president, Bloomberg Tax & Accounting. “This year’s Tax Leadership Forum provides attendees with the timely intelligence they need to prepare for change and optimize their tax strategies.”

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