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Ethiopian intelligence foils Al-Shabaab, ISS attacks

Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service (ENISS) has arrested 14 Al Shabaab and Islamic S

Ethiopia set to conduct 200,000 coronavirus tests

By Sisay Woubeshet – The Government of Ethiopia is set to launch a campaign dubbed, “Manim”

Court finds two Ethiopian ex-officials guilty

Two former Ethiopian Government officials namely Bereket Simon, often referred as the right hand of t

Ethiopia to release 60 ex-officials, opposition figures

The Government of Ethiopia on Monday announced its plan to release from prison 60 former officials im

Ethiopia ruling coalition agrees to unify

The ruling coalition in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), wh

Ethiopia seizes weapon smugglers with 105 Kalashnikov guns

Ethiopian Police today seized four weapon smugglers with 105 Russian-made Kalashnikov guns in Burayu

Ethiopia investigating corrupt officials, tracking stashed money abroad

Ethiopian government is conducting investigation of corrupt government officials, who are suspected o