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Study advices Ethiopia not to rush to banking liberalization

As oppose to the push by the international financial institutions, a new study by the renowned profes

Development Bank of Ethiopia secures $613 million government loan

The Ethiopian Parliament on Thursday approves 21.2 billion birr (about $613 million) long term loan t

Ethiopian banks’ loan disbursement grows 24 percent

NEWS- The 18 commercial banks in Ethiopia have disbursed a total loan of 221 billion birr (about $6.4

Ethiopian government finance institutions profit $332 million

The three state enterprises in Ethiopia engaged in providing financial services have made 10.7 billio

Ethiopia sacks two state bank presidents

Ethiopian government today announces sacking of two big state bank presidents.  The Finance Institut

Ethiopian banks’ revenue grew to 24 percent

The total profit of commercial banks in Ethiopia, grew by 24 percent this year as compared to the sim