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Recent macroeconomic, financial developments in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Economic Update by African Development Bank- Ethiopia’s economy grew by 6.1% in 2020, down

Sudan debt relief moves forward

Under a debt relief plan won by advocates in the early 2000s, Sudan could see a drastic cut in its $5

Ethiopia denies intentions to implement debt treatment exercise

The Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia has denied recent press reports of its intentions to implement de

Ethiopia pleads to G20 to rescue African economies

As the leaders of the wealthiest nations begins their extraordinary summit this week, the Government

Ethiopia state enterprises debt surpasses $5.6 billion

Debt of twelve state enterprises in Ethiopia surpasses $5.6 billion, according to the latest report o

Ethiopia’s debt surpasses $52 billion

Ethiopian government total debt from foreign and local lenders surpasses $52.3 billion, the Ministry

Ethiopia secures $1.8 billion from China

The State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) is set to invest $1.8 billion in Ethiopia’s electric pow

How Zambia loses billions of dollars in illicit outflows

By Kalima Nkonde – The untold story of Zambia’s excessive debt and low foreign reserves is th

Angola sink deeper into debt

Angola’s is failing to control its foreign and domestic debt which is estimated at nearly $80 b