Tigray Interim Admin condemns killings, urges public to be vigilant

The Interim Administration of Tigray has strongly condemned the killings perpetrated against independent public servants in the region and called on the inhabitants to vigilantly guard against the movements of the destructive force.

In a communique the administration issued following the barbaric killing of the recent victim, Embza Tadesse, it revealed that more than 50 devoted youth who have been saving the  lives of the people and community service providers have been assassinated at different places.

Among them is Embza Tadesse, a young engineer who headed the Investment Commission of  the region.

The statement added that he was abducted by unknown assailants two days ago while he was preparing to travel from his office to Alula Aba Nega Airport in Mekele town.

A search team of the federal police security forces found the mutilated body of the young man thrown around the locality called Maremiya Bet.

The statement noted operatives of the destructive force have so far assassinated 50 members of the interim administration who have been striving to extricate Tigray from the danger it faces.

It further noted that it is unfortunate that atrocities are being committed against people working to save Tigray from danger. Such acts are not “expected from human beings and the savage killings have to be condemned.”

The interim administration reaffirmed its commitment to work with the security forces to further invigorate the active participation of the youth in the affairs of the region and the country.

The administration urged the community to vigilantly guard against the activities of the destructive group that is killing independent public servants. June 25/2021 (ENA)