President urges Ethiopian army to investigate civilians’ death

President urges Ethiopian army to investigate civilians’ death

Following the recent shootings of Ethiopian army at the people in Metema and Chilga areas of Amhara Region, President of Amhara Region Gedu Andargachew calls for immediate investigation.

Reports show that at least six civilians were shot by the army, which was convoying construction trucks of a company engaged in road construction in the area.

“The incident could be a mistake made by individuals or groups. This mistake has to be investigated and immediate legal measure has to be taken. As of tomorrow (Friday), an investigation team will be sent to the area and the public will be notified about the result of the information,” Mr. Gedu said.

The incident happened two days ago has also resulted in injuries of many people and burnings of houses.

“To the families of those who lost loved ones and harmed, I would like to express my sincere sorrow about the horrible incident. The army along with the security force of the region is working to maintain the peace of the region. But mistake has been done when it comes to the specific incident around Kokit, Metema, Genda Wuha area,” said Gedu, speaking to reporters on Thursday.

“But this incident doesn’t reflect the overall army, as the army is an institution engaged in charge of protecting the peace and security of the country. I don’t believe we should blame the army in general because of this specific incident,” he said, calling for immediate investigation of the incident.

“We believe that the institution will immediately investigate what happened and take appropriate measures,” he said, urging the people to collaborate with the army of Ethiopia with the activities of the institution to maintain the peace, stability and rule of law.

Some reports show that the incident occurred when the people in the area stopped trucks of Sur Construction Company, which they suspected of transporting illegal weapons being utilized to stabilize the area. Then people died reportedly when the army soldiers escorting those trucks opened fire.