Over 1,700 former rebel fighters join Ethiopian force

Over 1,740 former soldiers of the former rebel group, the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has joined Ethiopian army.

The elders of the Somali community in Jigjiga ad officials of the Somali region have witnessed when the 1,740 former ONLF fighters joined Ethiopian force on Friday.

Out of the former fighters who joined the government, 20 are female. The decision came after the Group agreed to stop arms struggle accepting the call of the reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia to to abandon the arms struggle and pursue their political discourse peacefully.

It is indicated that those who choose to stay in military related jobs are expected to take rehabilitation training before joining the government forces. Deputy President of Somali Region of Ethiopia Mustafa Mohamed has made welcoming speech expressing his happiness for the Group has accepted the call of the government and decided to end the arms struggle.

ONLF is one of the many rebel groups, which have decided to end arms struggle with Ethiopian regime and advance their political agenda peacefully.

The ONLF, established in 1984, demands for the autonomy of this region and has claimed responsibility for several attacks since the beginning of 1994 aimed at Ethiopian forces in the area.