New secrete torturing prison found in Ethiopia, police says

The federal police, which has been compiling evidences against those detained for allegedly committing human rights crimes, says it has found a new secrete torturing prison where crimes against detainees was committed.

A few weeks ago after the government began arresting those suspected of crimes against humanity, the federal prosecutor has indicated that several secrete prisons where prisoners were tortured was found across the nation.

The police investigation, which has been collecting additional evidences on the detainees suspected of committing the crimes, made the comment at the court hearing in Addis Ababa on Thursday, according to FBC report, which didn’t mention where the new secrete torturing prison was found.

The court hearing looked at the case of the former two top intelligence officers of Ethiopia namely Mr. Maesho Kidane and Mr. Hadush Kahsay. They were presented at the federal high court in Lideta 10th criminal bench.

Mr. Maesho is accused of engaging directly in torturing prisoners in collaboration with the former chief of intelligence of Ethiopia, Mr. Getachew Assefa, whose face is not recognized by the public and now reportedly hiding in Mekelle, Tigray Region.

In addition to beating prisoners suspected of terrorism, the two are also accused of committing disgracing crimes against the detainees. They are also accused of forbidding the rights of prisoners to be visited by their family members and not presenting them to court.

The two are also accused of accumulating huge amount of wealth, which they can’t afford to have as a civil servant.

The second detainee Mr. Hadush is also accused of accumulating huge amount of wealth, which one can’t possess legally as civil servant in Ethiopia. He is accused of allowing torture of prisoners against the law of the land and keeping quite knowing such an act is a crime.

On Thursday the police handling the case indicated that it has collected additional testimonies of victims against the two suspects and requested the court additional 14 days to continue collecting more testimonies and hospital records from different parts of the country in the coming days.

Finally, the court decided to give to more days for the police investigation team to bring all its evidences against Mr. Maesho Kidane and Mr. Hadush Kahsay.