Ethiopian refugee in Saudi Arabia

MoFA repatriates 4,188 citizens from Saudi Arabia


Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) yesterday announced the repatriation of 2,257 undocumented Ethiopian migrants from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry stated that concerted efforts are well underway in partnership with various stakeholders to repatriate all compatriots in Saudi Arabia detention camps.

At the end of Last week MoFA disclosed that it repatriated 1,931 undocumented Ethiopian migrants from Jeddah and Riadh.

Repatriation of large number of undocumented Ethiopian Migrants who have been detained for more than a year inside Saudi Arabia refugee camps will be continued according to the information obtained from MoFA.

Last week Thursday the Ethiopian delegation conferred with Saudi Arabian officials regarding the protection of the rights of Ethiopian citizens in the country and further facilitate the repatriation process.

The discussion between the Ethiopian and Saudi Arabian officials reviewed the achievements and challenges of repatriating illegal migrants who are willing to return home based on their consent, and brought an agreement to speed up safe return of the citizens to home.

It was learnt that the government has so far repatriated over 25,472 Ethiopian  citizens from eight different countries so far in collaboration with the concerned stakeholders.

The government is also working with commitment to repatriate over 40,000 undocumented citizens within the next two weeks.

Officials from ministry of foreign affairs and other dignitaries accorded a welcome to the returnees upon their arrival at Bole International Airport.

The Ethiopian Herald June 29/2021