Mass grave found in Ethiopia

The Federal prosecutor office of Ethiopia says it has found mass grave of 56 individuals in Somali region.

The killing took place during the regime of the former leader Abdi Illey, who was arrested a few months ago following the killings in the Somali region of Ethiopia. The investigation of the prosecutor focused on the incidents occurred around the capital of Somali region, Jigjiga City.

Out of the 56 so far the prosecutor office has found remains of the 37. “It is not easy to find evidences for the crimes because the crimes were committed by the government and were well planned…It can be easily to collect evidences for crimes committed by individuals” said, Temesgen Lapiso, deputy director for cross border organized crimes at the federal prosecutor office.

Before he was arrested Abdi Illey regime has been in violations of human rights, killing torturing and arresting people who opposed the regime with hyenas. The prosecutor office also indicated that it is investigating another mass grave of 200 people in Somali region of Ethiopia.

The prosecutor also stated that some 266 people were wounded durig the last July violence i Jigjiga City. It also said that including properties of Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Jigjiga, houses of individuals and government institutions, over 412 million birr property is damaged.

The prosecutor has identified 46 individuals including the former president Abdi Illey for the crimes that involved government officials. It is indicated that out of the 46 suspects only six are now in jail. The remaining have left the country and are hiding in the neighboring countries and within the country.

The prosecutors who briefed reporters this afternoon indicated that Ethiopian government is currently discussing with neighboring countries and good understanding has been reached to bring the suspects to court for the crimes they are suspected of.

It is indicated that the prosecutor office is organizing additional evidences to open charges against those suspected of human rights violations in the Somali region of Ethiopia.

Former prisoners described a horrific reality of constant abuse and torture in prisons in Somali region of Ethiopia, according to  the 2018 Human Rights Watch report. They were jailed with no access to adequate medical care, family, lawyers, or even, at times, food.

Officials stripped naked and beat prisoners and forced them to perform humiliating acts in front of the entire prison population, as punishment and to instill shame and fear, according to the 88 pages Human Rights Watch report.

After the reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power nine moths ago and admitted the human rights violations and crimes the government has been committing, Ethiopia has been charging dozens of individuals involved in the crimes.

Intelligence officials and prison heads among others have been arrested for the human rights related crimes the regime, which came to power with gun in may 1991, has been committing for the past few decades.